Loyalty Binds Me - The 'true' story of Richard III and the Princes in the Tower

Our first Blog...

Well now we have set up the website we thought lets get our first blog up on the new website. Firstly we hope you like it!!!

We have just finished our rehearsal schedule and script which has just been sent out to the actors. The script originally was a screenplay with around 30 characters, we have been busy condensing that down to just 13 actors.

The read through is this Wednesday which is very exciting, Neil is away on a holiday that he won (lucky devil) so we are hoping to have a basic first run through of the play by the time he gets back with his sun tan.

We will be appearing in the What's On Magazine for April and May and we are also on the online What's On magazine so do have a little look at that.

Tickets are now on sale and have already started selling, flyers arrive tomorrow and posters are already going up.

So in the first blog I am going to ask the ultimate question about Richard:

Did Richard murder the Princes in the Tower?

Well 'Loyalty Binds Me' is the ''true'' story so if you want to know the truth behind the man get those tickets booked.

While you mull over that thought. Here are some press shots of our Lady Anne Neville.


JP x

24th March 20.43pm

Well we had a fantastic read through of the script on Wednesday and we now have blocked all the Lancastrian scenes and we will be jumping into a bit of Edward IV and Lord Stanley fun on Monday. It has been a rather eventful few days as we have had to recast one of the roles, the new actor will be announced hopefully this weekend so keep your eyes peeled on the site for the updates.

In the meantime here are some early rehearsal shots featuring Zack Hill, Elaine Turrell, Marc Alden Taylor and Catherine Prout.

Till next time

JP x

4th April 11.53pm

Things are coming together nicely, today we welcomed our new cast member Richard Bunn who currently is working as an actor at Shakespeare's Birthplace. If we have just blocked the hugely iconic Battle of Bosworth Field where Richard himself is slain. What is quite worrying is that our own Catherine Pugh and Emma Sian Cooper are fist fighting and last night they did so with sound effets. *POW* *WHACK* etc. Tomorrow night we will be finishing off the first block and from then on we shall be polishing and going more in depth character wise.

In the meantime, tell your friends, family, enemies, everybody to book their tickets for this awesome show. Go to www.ticketweb.co.uk to book 

Speak later

JP x

Tuesday 24th April 12.53pm

Dear All

Apologies for not updating for a while, it has been a crazy few days. We welcome Mark Tracey to the cast known as Special K as we already have a Marc with a 'C'. The tech of the show is now complete, last night we successfully ran the first half without a problem, we now tonight will be doing the second half followed by a full run of the show.

We have begun selling tickets for all performance dates, please do book your tickets as it is going to be something very exciting. This is great for all history buffs and all theatre goers. Previous knowledge of history not needed!

I may update again tonight to give you all another look at the work that is going on but in the meantime - go to the options on the left here and click BOOK TICKETS!!!

See you there

JP x

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